IPCC Fifth report: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability Published:03.04.2014  

The 30th of March, the summary for policy makers of the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC Working Group II (WGII AR5) impacts of climate change was published. 
It highlights some important points. The first is that, due to specific climate-related events such as floods and droughts, today, scientists have more certainty about the existence of climate impacts on a wide range of economic sectors. They also point out that these effects occur in all parts of the world.

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European Council stresses importance on Energy Security & Independence on gas Published:01.04.2014  

The European Council held an in depth discussion on the situation in Ukraine. It adopted a strong message of support to Ukraine and agreed on a number of concrete measures in that respect, being the number 20 related to the problem of dependence on gas.

Conclusions from the Council debate between heads of state on 20 - 21 March note that "A coherent European energy and climate policy must ensure affordable energy prices, industrial competitiveness, security of supply and achievement of our climate and environmental objectives" but also that "Efforts to reduce Europe's high gas energy dependency rates should be intensified, especially for the most dependent Member States".

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