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New marketing and new perception of Electric Vehicles Published:20.06.2014  

Nowadays, the electric vehicle market has evolved with premium manufacturers such as Toyota and BMW starting to emerge in the market.

With the introduction of vehicles developed by these high-end manufacturers, electric cars are beginning to be seen as stylish and aspirational automobiles that just so happen to be more environmentally friendly than their gasoline counterparts. A major shift has happened in the industry by replacing the awkward designs with aesthetically pleasing, desirable cars that people will want to drive.

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New hiring electric bikes public service in Madrid Published:15.06.2014  

In june, a new service of hired electric bikes "BiciMad" has started to work in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid is seeking to match cities such as Barcelona, Paris and London by providing hundreds of bicycles for public hire -- with the added feature of electric motors to help ride up slopes.
Although the tecnicians have been struggling with several database problems during the first two weeks of use, the service is starting to work properly.

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EDTA Annual Conference, Indianapolis, 19 - 21 May Published:05.05.2014  

On the Fast Track to Electric Drive !

EDTA annual conference will be held this year in Indianapolis, winner of the E-visionary Award of EVS27, from 19th to 21th of May.

Don't miss this conference!

EDTA, the Electric Drive Transport Association, together with AVERE and EVAAP, forms WEVA, the World Electric Vehicle Association.

IPCC Fifth report: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability Published:03.04.2014  

The 30th of March, the summary for policy makers of the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC Working Group II (WGII AR5) impacts of climate change was published. 
It highlights some important points. The first is that, due to specific climate-related events such as floods and droughts, today, scientists have more certainty about the existence of climate impacts on a wide range of economic sectors. They also point out that these effects occur in all parts of the world.

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European Council stresses importance on Energy Security & Independence on gas Published:01.04.2014  

The European Council held an in depth discussion on the situation in Ukraine. It adopted a strong message of support to Ukraine and agreed on a number of concrete measures in that respect, being the number 20 related to the problem of dependence on gas.

Conclusions from the Council debate between heads of state on 20 - 21 March note that "A coherent European energy and climate policy must ensure affordable energy prices, industrial competitiveness, security of supply and achievement of our climate and environmental objectives" but also that "Efforts to reduce Europe's high gas energy dependency rates should be intensified, especially for the most dependent Member States".

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CO2 emission reduction target of 95g/km for new cars by 2020 Published:12.03.2014  


New rules designed from European Parliament to achieve the CO2 emission reduction target of 95g/km for new cars by 2020.
Last tuesday, new rules aimed at reaching the CO2 reduction rate in transport by 2020 were endorsed by the European Parliament. The text retains this target, albeit with a one-year “phase-in” period in 2020. It also allows “super credits”, whereby the cleanest cars in each manufacturer’s range count for more than others, to apply from 2020 to 2022.

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EU launches communication on emissions reduction target by 2030 Published:27.02.2014  


"A reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% below the 1990 level, an EU-wide binding target for renewable energy of at least 27%, renewed ambitions for energy efficiency policies, a new governance system and a set of new indicators to ensure a competitive and secure energy system."

These are the pillars of the new EU framework on climate and energy for 2030 presented by the European Commission last january, 22th. 

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Our Streets, Our Choice; European Mobility Week 2014 Published:14.02.2014  


The European Comission is promoting the 2014 edition of European Mobility Week, which will be held under the slogan “Our Streets, Our Choice”, reflecting the power of citizens to decide how they use urban space.
As the organizers emphasize, for decades city planners in Europe have prioritised private vehicles to the detriment of other transport forms. Cyclists are often pushed to the sides of streets, afforded only a small, painted strip to cycle on, while pedestrians must make do with narrow pathways. Public transport, too, has taken a back seat to the dominance of the motor car.

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Position Paper - Directive on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Published:03.02.2014  


AVERE Industry Task Force finalized its position paper on the European Commission’s Proposal of Directive on the deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure.
AVERE Industry Task Force strongly recommends to avoid any delay and the watering down of the minimum infrastructure build-up targets for alternative fuels, which could significantly undermine the role of the Directive.

Brussels, Belgium

03 February 2014

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Sustainable Energy Europe and ManagEnergy Awards 2014 Published:24.01.2014  

From 23 to 27 June 2014, 
EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will take place in Brussels and accros Europe. The EUSEW 2014 has already kicked off with the opening of the Sustainable Energy Europe and ManagEnergy awards, the two most prestigious award competitions in sustainable energy at the EU level.

Final deadline              :      28 March 2014
Evaluation deadline     :      31 January 2014
                                         28 February 2014


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