Norwegian Parliament extends electric car iniatives until 2018

News published : 03.09.2012
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The Norwegian Parliament has unanimously agreed to extend financial tax incentives, including no purchase taxes and VAT, on all electric vehicles until 2018 or when the 50,000 EV target is reached.

Oslo, Norway

11 June 2012


Hailed as one of the biggest milestones in the electric vehicle transition, the Norwegian Parliaments unanimous decision represents the countries strong commitment in fighting climate change and its position as the leading 'EV country' in the world. Norway already possesses over 3,200 free charging stations for public use and within the year, is expected to add 70 fast charging stations. With a population of just 5 million, the Scandinavian country has over 7,000 electric cars on the road which makes it the world leader and market for electric vehicles. Oslo is also recognized as the 'EV capital of the world', with the highest EV density of any capital city.

The financial incentives, approved by all political parties, includes:
  • No purchase taxes (extremely high for ordinary cars)
  • Exemption from 25% VAT on purchase
  • No charges on toll roads
  • Free municipal parking
  • Free access to bus lanes
  • Free charging stations (3,200)
In true Norwegian style, the parliament decision was welcomed with an 'EV Safari' of more than 80 electric vehicles which paraded around the outside of the parliament to show support for the government financial platform and success of electric mobility in Norway. 

The tax incentives which have been extended until 2018, will also be valid until Norway reaches its 50,000 Electric Vehicle target demonstrating the governments support for large scale EV implementation and its promising timescale for this transition. However, on the same day as the Parliament announcement, Snorre Sletvold of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, which represents over half of EV owners in Norway, publicly announced that the EV target should be increased to 100,000 within 2020 and this figure is necessary to get a sustainable market for electric cars and the charging infrastructure.

With electric vehicles accounting for just 2.5% of new cars sold in Norway, the financial incentive and EV target limits initiative holds promise to become a successful and effective method to encourage more members of the public to makes the switch from traditional ICE vehicles to electric vehicles and reduce the worldwide carbon footprint. It is hoped that this parliamentary decision will encourage more governments to adopt similar financial incentives and accelerate the electric vehicle transition worldwide.  

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