About us

AVERE – founded in 1978 - is a European network comprised of members including Users, NGO’s, Associations, Interest groups, Public Bodies, Research & Development entities, Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers, Electricity Utilities.

Its main objective is promoting the use of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles - individually and in fleets and for priority uses – in order to achieve greener mobility for cities and countries.
The main activities to achieve these objectives are related to dissemination, networking, monitoring, participation in European and multilateral projects, lobbying, research and development, among other. In public policy advocacy AVERE presents the electric drive industry’s and R&D bodies’ concerns to the European Commission.
AVERE is a federate and decentralized structure (with a President, 3 Vice-presidents and an office in Brussels) with 17 National Associations, two European networks: CITELEC - Association of European Cities interested in Electric Vehicles and Eurelectric - Union of the Electricity Industry, as well as direct members, with more countries including new member states in the process of joining. In total there are over 1000 direct and indirect members.
AVERE – concerning Europe and Africa - forms the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA ) together with EVAAP - covering Asia Pacific and EDTA - covering the Americas.

AVERE has the property rights and organizes the periodic Electric Ele-Drive Transportation conferences (past EETs’ in Portugal/Cascais, Brussels and Geneva) and together with WEVA twenty-four EVSs’ in 40 years of World Electric Vehicle Symposiums. It also collaborates in regional events in different countries and in many specialized conferences and workshops.
AVERE's goal is to rationalize the efforts of its member companies in the scientific and technological development of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles to foster markets development, and thus to promote electric vehicle use.

With the AVERE member's network, finding partners in other European countries is no longer a problem but an opportunity.

Finally, AVERE voices for the electric drive industry at the European Commission that plays a key role in helping the development of clean vehicles. In addition, as it is often hard to make initial contact with this vast institution AVERE helps his members to approach the relevant persons and to assist in project co-ordination.

Conferences and workshops

AVERE organizes conferences, meetings and workshops so that everyone involved in electric vehicle production can keep abreast of changing technology and evolving markets.

In particular EET, the European ELE-DRIVE Transportation Conference, or EVS, the Worldwide International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition are to be mentioned. This latter event is jointly organized by AVERE and its two sister associations EDTA and EVAAP and is attended by more than 3,000 people involved in the world electric vehicle market.


AVERE participates in several European projects aimed at promoting the development of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

During the past 20 years of working in close association with the European institutions and carrying out a number of studies (Cost 302, EDS, Joule-Cities, etc.) AVERE has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of co-operation between companies and with the European institutions.

Currently, AVERE was the coordinator of SAFEDRIVE.

AVERE was a partner in MERGE project which ended in December 2011.The project aimed to evaluate the impacts that electric vehicles will have on the EU electric power systems – whether that be in terms of planning, operation or market functioning. 

Other projects that AVERE  has participated to are: 

 - HARMONHY 12 months project aiming to make an assessment of the activities on hydrogen and fuel cell related regulations and standards on a worldwide level. On this basis gaps will be identified and propositions to solve fragmentation will be made.

- ELEDRIVE (coordinated by AVERE): European Commission’s Thematic Network on Fuel Cells and their applications for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, gathering 41 partners.

- HYSOCIETY: action plan for the successful introduction of a clean, safe and efficient hydrogen-based society in Europe.

- IMMACULATE: IMprovement of Urban EnvironMent Quality of Air and Noise Levels by an Integrated, Cost Effective and MUlti - Level Application of Clean Vehicle Technologies.

- SUBAT project that helped the EU Commission to take adequate decision regarding maintain, or not, of cadmium, in the exemption list of Directive 2000/53 on End-of-Life Vehicles.

AVERE’s involvement in electric two-wheelers was mainly done via its function of operating agent of the Annex XI of the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Implementing Agreement of the International Energy Agency, IEA for short.

ALEV - Avere's Light Vehicle Task Force in cooperation with LEVA was started in 2014 ; more information, please contact Mrs. Annick Roetynck.