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AEC2020 – E-mobility Will Be Mainstream by 2025

Tuesday 17 & Thursday 19 November, All Day Event

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Dominique Riquet, MEP (Renew Europe, FR)




Jacop Dalunde,  MEP (Greens, SE)




Axel Volkery, Team Leader, Clean Transport – DG MOVE, European Commission




Ellen Hiep,  CEO – HiePRactief/ Board Member – Dutch Electric Vehicle Drivers Association



Jean-Marc Rives, CTO – GIREVE




With the launch of the European Green Deal, the European Commission set out to achieve the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. This is the perfect opportunity for e-mobility to play a major role in decarbonizing mobility across Europe.

In fact, the European Commission predicts we will need one million EV charging points to match the foreseen thirteen million electric cars expected on the road by 2025.

In this context, the AVERE E-Mobility Conference (AEC) 2020 will bring together stakeholders from across the European e-mobility value-chain including consumers, policymakers, and leading industry representatives to discuss how and why it is essential to make zero emission mobility mainstream by 2025.


The Consumer Perspective
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AEC2020 will delve into the consumers perspective of what will be needed to ensure electric vehicles are mainstream in the coming 5 years.


The Value Chain Perspective
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At AEC2020 leading industry e-mobility representatives will discuss what they believe the next five years will bring and what is needed to support the mass transition to e-mobility.


The Policy Perspective
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AEC2020 is the occasion to look at what policy measures will be needed at both European and Member State level to meet the EU’s goals of transport decarbonisation and zero emission vehicle uptake.


The Uptake of Charging Infrastructure

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The final session of AEC2020 will  focus on how to support the uptake of EV charging infrastructure in Europe.




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