AVERE E-Mobility Conference (AEC)

AEC, the AVERE E-Mobility Conference is our European conference, a gathering.  where all aspects of e-mobility are covered: the latest topics from the leading academic authorities on EVs, discussion and information on new policies at EU level and in the different countries, and industry’s success stories, glimpses of the future and state of the art products. AEC is an excellent arena for networking and informal discussions with experts.

The AEC is about sharing knowledge, best-case scenarios, and a range of experience from academia, industry and the public sector to accelerate progress for the electrification of transport in Europe.

The AEC is an opportunity to hear more about the cutting-edge developments in the sector as well as gain insights into the most effectively designed policies that will be key for the continued growth of the e-mobility sector on the continent.



AEC2018, took place in Brussels in October 2018 – we were joined by key policymakers such as Maroš Šefčovic, Vice-President of the European Commission, and internationally renowned electromobility experts like Dorothée Coucharrière, International Public Affairs Director at Blue Solutions, Bolloré. You can find the AEC2018 after movie here.





AEC2019 took place at EVS32, included eight different sessions in total, and provided delegates with a taste of how industry and policymakers are driving the global electromobility sector.

You can find more info about the AEC2019 that took place together with EVS32 in Lyon in May 2019 here.





AEC2020 took place fully digitally in November 2020. It brought together stakeholders from across the European e-mobility sector including consumers, policymakers, and leading industry representatives to discuss how we can achieve one million EV charging points to match the foreseen thirteen million electric cars they believe to be on the road by 2025.