AVERE Joins UNIDO Expert Group on “Smart Mobility for Smart Cities”

AVERE Secretary General Philippe Vangeel attended the UNIDO Expert Group Meeting on “Smart Mobility for Smart Cities” that took place in Vienna on the 4th and 5th of September.

UNIDO is the United Nations industrial Development OrganisationIts Division for Energy Systems & Infrastructure, together with the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation, hosted an expert group meeting on the future of mobility specifically detailing the potential of electric vehicles in the development of smart cities. Electromobility clearly has a major role to play in this regard and contributes enormously to a zero emission mobility system, and thus is a truly reliable technology in our effort to stop the climate crisis.

The expert group is working to assess the current trends in electromobility, not just in economic terms but also its technological and societal impacts. They also plan to work on ways to increase the impact and the reach of the technology so to maximize its presence in different parts of the world.

We are honoured our Secretary General was invited to join the meeting and we are looking forward to see how we can further contribute to UNIDO’s work towards zero emission transport globally.