AVERE President Asserts E-mobility as the Way to Sustainable Transport at IAA 2019

Today AVERE’s president Espen Hauge spoke at the IAA 2019 on how the automotive industry can move towards a sustainable future.

His session immediately followed the keynote given by Chancellor Angela Merkel. He was joined by fellow industry players of the highest caliber, like Magnus Hall, President and CEO of Vattenfall, who exchanged views with him on the way forward to achieve fully sustainable transport.

Mr Hauge emphasized the need to reach zero emission transport and how electromobility is the most effective way to achieve this: “I am pleased to see that the industry at IAA19 is now more than ever focused on sustainable technologies. This is great as what is at stake is our climate, our health and our jobs“.  He continued explaining how “electromobility is the best way to reduce emissions and energy use in transport and power production” and that “now it is up to policymakers at all levels to help increase awareness and support for companies and people investing in it“.

IAA, the International Motor Show Germany, is the biggest automotive trade fair and mobility forum that takes place every year in Frankfurt. It is the place where the vision for the future for the sector is discussed and the place that paves the road to change and innovation for all mobility-related technologies. This year’s theme is “Driving Tomorrow”. It is uplifting to see that industry is presenting various different electric technologies to achieve a future based on clean and zero emission mobility, given the urgency stemming from the global climate crisis.

It is clear that electromobility is the technology that can allow us to reach this goal!  The electric future is now!