AVERE’s Zero Emission Vision for Europe

The European Union is in the process of agreeing on how to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, which is urgently needed to put an end to the climate crisis. In order to effectively progress towards this goal, it will be necessary to deliver an ambitious European Green Deal, powered by clean and zero emission technologies. This will be key to guarantee the mass uptake of electromobility, the most effective way to swiftly decarbonise the transport sector.

In the past five years the electromobility market has accelerated at an exciting pace. The next five years will see the market expand even quicker. This will help the EU reach its short and long term zero emission goals, but to do so, it must set in place the right frameworks.

We believe that the following five key actions should be undertaken to ensure a smooth transition to decarbonised electric transport:

– Position electromobility at the heart of the Commission’s agenda. The new European Commission must do the outmost to guarantee that European electromobility remains competitive in a world where other global powers are investing in the sector

– Review the Alternative Fuels Directive (AFID) in order to support the mass amount of electric and zero emission vehicles on the road. The charging environment across Europe must be more consumer-friendly, seamless, interoperable, and easy-to understand.

– Stimulate investment in battery technology through funding and regulatory clarity. The Commission should prepare a “Battery Package” that will provide clarity on sustainability and end of life criteria for batteries. It should also set up a joint public private partnership dedicated to developing competitive and sustainable battery manufacturing.

– Facilitate EV charging infrastructure in buildings. The recently revised European Buildings Directive (EPBD) only mandated EV charging infrastructure in residential and non-residential buildings. Member States should extend support for charging infrastructure to all buildings, and ease administrative procedures for the roll out of charging stations in parking lots-

– Maximise synergies in the energy and transport sectors. Electric cars can provide substantial benefits for grid operators through the use of clean sources of renewable energy into the grid and by negating high costly grid upgrades.

You can find a more detailed description of our vision in our Position Paper – AVERE’s Zero Emission Vision for Europe