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AVERE Webinar: Clean air and NOx emissions from vehicles @ Free Online Webinar
Apr 21 @ 15:00 – 17:00

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Transportation is a major source of air pollution, particularly in cities. We must act now to limit its impact on public health.

This webinar will look at how nitrogen oxides occur in vehicle exhaust, as well as other emissions from breaks and tires. Why are they harmful? How can they be controlled in vehicles? What are some of the challenges and solutions to regulating them?

The end of the ICE Age means cleaner air for everybody!


Philippe Vangeel (Secretary General at AVERE)

Philippe Vangeel

Secretary General at AVERE



Roel Gijsbers

Senior Project Engineer at ENS Cleanair



Kristian Lande

Co-founder of AirVeraCity




Forth Webinar: Port Electrification Strategies and Programs
Apr 27 @ 10:00 – 11:00
Forth Webinar: Port Electrification Strategies and Programs

Ports are vital in the way we move billions of tons of global commerce, annually. Port electrification can impact the environmental and economic well-being of local communities.

From installing electric charging stations, electrifying shuttles, and the vehicles used to move the goods, the potential to decrease the emissions through port electrification is very high.

The Volvo LIGHTS project in Southern California is an example of transforming goods movement by introducing zero-emission battery-electric trucks and equipment into the market at scale. The Port of Portland, Oregon climate change strategy focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changing climate. With a commitment to 100 percent renewable electricity the port is electrifying fleet and installing charging stations.

This webinar will highlight current strategies to electrify ports and the economic and environmental benefits of port electrification.


Transport Transition Summit @ Online
May 11 – May 12 all-day
Transport Transition Summit @ Online

Transportation underpins our society, connecting people, cities, economies fostering growth and employment. Yet as millions of us move within and between cities and countries every single day, transport accounts for 25% of global emissions.

With global trade and travel swelling to meet the demands of a growing consumer population, a business-as-usual trajectory in the transport sector would see emissions rocket further.
Action is needed now across all asset classes, full value chains and lifecycles.

Register today to connect with a growing network of over 1,500 transport, energy and policy professionals mapping the next phase of the transport transition.

Why attend?

  • Hear and learn from Influential Speakers including Government Ministers, CEOs & Sustainability Leaders
  • Access innovative technology and solutions accelerating the transport transition
  • Network with delegates by using the event platform networking functions and features
  • Foster international and cross-sector collaboration to support the clean transport transition
  • Support the creation of policy frameworks that encourage investment

Key Speakers:

  • Rt Honorable Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, HM Government
  • Angela Hultberg, Head of Sustainable Mobility, IKEA
  • Jeffrey Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Star Alliance
  • Kristof Vereenooghe, President and CEO, EVBox Group
  • Nancy Vandyke, CEO, Sustainable Mobility for All
  • Lilli Matson, Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer, TFL 
  • Karen Vancluysen, CEO, POLIS
  • Hans-Jürgen Salmhofer, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Republic of Austria
  • Sophie Punte, Founder, Smart Freight Centre


How to Register: You can register online for free here. Contact Climate Partnerships and Content Executive Rachel Cooper directly if you have any questions on +44 (0) 207 871 0173 or email at


Forth Webinar: Equitable Micromobility
May 11 @ 10:00 – 11:00
Forth Webinar: Equitable Micromobility

Shared micro-mobility, such as shared e-scooters, have the potential to provide additional access for underserved individuals and individuals with disabilities, especially in transit deserts. Accessibility to transportation is about access to education, jobs, services, food, health care, and more.

Breaking down the barriers to the accessibility of new technology plays a role in their adoption. Barriers such as language, finance, and location shouldn’t be what keep communities away from the service and technology.

This webinar will highlight current programs and efforts by cities and operators to bring equitable access to all communities.


AVERE Webinar: State of Play on the AFID @ Free Online Webinar
May 19 @ 15:00 – 17:00
AVERE Webinar: State of Play on the AFID @ Free Online Webinar

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The growing number of electric and zero-emission vehicles on the road makes the upcoming revision of the Alternative Fuels Directive (AFID) more urgent than ever. The charging environment across Europe must be more consumer-friendly, seamless, interoperable, and easy-to-understand for everyone.

This webinar will look at what we can expect from the AFID, and how it will be key to supporting the uptake of e-mobility.

A comprehensive EV infrastructure is a backbone for the end of the ICE Age!

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3rd Edition EV Charging Infrastructure Forum @ Online
May 25 – May 26 all-day
3rd Edition EV Charging Infrastructure Forum @ Online

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The deployment of charging infrastructure is the prerequisite for the growth of the EV market. A well-established charging network increases vehicle miles using electricity, relieves range anxiety and improves the charging process. EVs are expected to dominate the future mobility market in Europe. However, a robust charging infrastructure, necessary to make mass e-mobility a reality, is seen as lagging behind requirements.

The discrepancy in the deployment of EVs and of their charging infrastructure is being recognized across Europe. V2G (vehicle to grid) applications are also evolving at a great pace. The fundamental issues being considered, thus, revolve around where to charge the EVs, who will build the charging infrastructure, and whether electricity grids or fast- or ultra-fast charging network will be ready for the envisioned EV growth.

To discuss these issues and explore the best solutions for Europe, BIS GROUP is organizing the 3rd Edition of the EV Charging Infrastructure. The purpose of the conference is to highlight V2G (vehicle to grid) applications, e-Mobility charging services, technologies and solutions to build an efficient and viable EV charging infrastructure in Europe.

The EV Charging Infrastructure, which is taking place in 2021 after the success of the past editions, continues the discussion on the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a charging infrastructure network and vehicle electrification.

The 2-day conference will have different sessions covering a wide range of topics relevant to all stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure market across Europe. It will present policies and plans for building an EV charging infrastructure in key European countries. It will also highlight the latest technological developments and solutions to improve customer experience and interaction.

The agenda of the meeting is built around trends and projections for e-mobility and charging infrastructures and services, challenges and developments in advanced car-sharing fleet management, lessons learnt and next steps for public charging, vehicle-to-grid integration, heavy-duty e-mobility and smart charging of electric vehicles for fleet operators.

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EurElectric Power Summit 2021 @ Online
May 25 – May 28 all-day
EurElectric Power Summit 2021 @ Online
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Join the Electric Decade.
Join the Power Summit.

CEOs, Ministers and high-level EU policymakers are all lined up to shed light on how to accelerate the uptake of clean electricity. Together with innovators, thought leaders and investors, they will show us the Electric Decade.

The 2020s is the decade for digital & decarbonised electrification. The time is right for accelerated uptake of clean electricity across all sectors: delivering carbon emission reductions, economic recovery, clean air and new jobs. This is a huge 10-year opportunity: An Electric Decade.

The summit’s 4-day digital programme includes 3000 participants   –   80 speakers   –   12 sessions.  

World-class speakers

A stellar line up of speakers will offer insights into the opportunities of the Electric Decade. They will share views on 2030, corporate decarbonisation, sector integration and hydrogen, grids but also investment needs.

Unique digital content

The event aims for the best digital experience possible, broadcasting from 3 studios in Europe and offering you a mix of four plenary sessions, 8 side events, on-demand content and exclusive round tables.

Virtual networking

Networking is a key feature of our events, even in the digital era. To ensure that no one misses out, the Power Summit will offer ample opportunity for high-level virtual networking, and an exhibition to showcase the future of the power sector.

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Forth Webinar: Clean and Equitable Mass Transit
May 25 @ 10:00 – 11:00
Forth Webinar: Clean and Equitable Mass Transit

With major cities making the decision to shift to all-electric bus fleets, the question is no longer whether or when the transition to quiet, clean mass transit will happen – It’s already happening.

New options such as electric- and hydrogen-powered buses will provide cleaner air and a better experience for passengers and drivers while supporting the imperative to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

During this webinar, we’ll hear from the bus manufacturers on why they’re moving to all-electric transit buses. We will also hear from cities and transit agencies currently making the move to cleaner mass transit and how they are prioritizing equity as they electrify certain transit lines.