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AVERE Webinar: Clean air and NOx emissions from vehicles @ Free Online Webinar
Apr 21 @ 15:00 – 17:00

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Transportation is a major source of air pollution, particularly in cities. We must act now to limit its impact on public health.

This webinar will look at how nitrogen oxides occur in vehicle exhaust, as well as other emissions from breaks and tires. Why are they harmful? How can they be controlled in vehicles? What are some of the challenges and solutions to regulating them?

The end of the ICE Age means cleaner air for everybody!


Philippe Vangeel (Secretary General at AVERE)

Philippe Vangeel

Secretary General at AVERE



Roel Gijsbers

Senior Project Engineer at ENS Cleanair



Kristian Lande

Co-founder of AirVeraCity




AVERE Webinar: State of Play on the AFID @ Free Online Webinar
May 19 @ 15:00 – 17:00
AVERE Webinar: State of Play on the AFID @ Free Online Webinar

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The growing number of electric and zero-emission vehicles on the road makes the upcoming revision of the Alternative Fuels Directive (AFID) more urgent than ever. The charging environment across Europe must be more consumer-friendly, seamless, interoperable, and easy-to-understand for everyone.

This webinar will look at what we can expect from the AFID, and how it will be key to supporting the uptake of e-mobility.

A comprehensive EV infrastructure is a backbone for the end of the ICE Age!

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