Don’t Miss our Upcoming Webinars: SEEV4-City, Wireless EV Charging, EAFO and the World Electric Vehicles Journal

We will be hosting four new webinars in the coming weeks showcasing innovative technologies from the zero-emission mobility sectors, key recommendations for policymakers, and an update from the World Electric Vehicle Journal – all showcasing the resilience of the electromobility in spite of the coronavirus crisis.

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SEEV4-City Stakeholders validation webinar 
‘How to make the charging infrastructure and local electricity grids future-proof?’

24 June 2020 15.00 – 17.00

During this webinar, the participants will have the opportunity to gain insights and validate the  SEEV4-City recommendations for seamless integration of smart charging and V2X concepts to boost the uptake of the clean vehicles as well as harmonisation of energy and mobility plans.

We will seek your inputs and validation before and during the webinar as we hope to contribute to making the charging infrastructure and associated aspects in your cities cheaper, more efficient and future-proof.

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AVERE Webinar 
Inductive charging: The future of the e-mobility sector? 

1 July 2020 15.00 – 16.30

Wireless charging hold great potential as it will make electric vehicles more autonomous and efficient, providing consumers with a clear choice when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and comfort.

What are the newest technologies for wireless charging? When are going to see new EV models equipped with these technologies on the market? What are the main barriers to overcome? Our webinar will explore and other questions through the insights of companies specialized in manufacturing these new models. 

Our first speaker will be Dr. Stefan Tongur from ElectReon, a leader in commercial deployment of dynamic wireless charging and electrifying road transportation. In this presentation, he will discuss the initial results from the Smartroad Gotland project in Sweden, which is the world’s first public wireless electric road system for trucks and buses. In addition, the key lessons learned of moving from a testing facility to a public road environment will be discussed as well as business model aspects related to electric roads.

He will be joined by Mr Diego García Carvajal, Programme Manager at European Copper Institute, the regional office of Copper Alliance, the global association of Copper producers. One of their missions is to promote regulations and standards for copper applications, like electric vehicle. Mr. García will present ECI’s vision on electric cars and how wireless charging can help to convince consumers to choose electric vehicles.

Our next speaker will be Mr David Schatz, Vice President Business Development at Witricity, one of the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance thanks to its wireless power solutions using its patented magnetic resonance technology specifically designed to replace wired charging while the vehicle is still.

Last but not least, we will be joined by Mr François Colet, Innovation Project Manager at Groupe Renault. He will discuss the most recent work being done on standardization of technologies in the sector across the globe and what new development can be expected in the coming months. He will also introduce the INCIT-EV project that will cover seven new technologies that could have an application in EV charging.

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EAFO Webinar 
News and Updates

8 July 2020 14.30 – 16.00

This webinar will present the latest developments of  the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO): following an introduction on its consortium, we will discuss the latest news, NPF targets, new graphs, as well as the updates to the fuel station maps.

We will also delve into the EAFO research and academic papers. Philippe Vangeel, Secretary general of AVERE, will provide insights  from a new study on the market for EV charging prices, which will be followed by an interactive Q&A  session.

The EAFO partner ICCT Europe, represented by Senior Researcher Dr. Sandra Wappelhorst, will discuss the electric vehicle uptake and charging infrastructure deployment in Europe in light of the European Green Deal. Her presentation will compare electric vehicle uptake and public charging infrastructure deployment in European markets, investigates policy drivers, and puts the developments in context of the European Green Deal.

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AVERE Webinar 
The World Electric Vehicle Journal

15 July 2020 15.00 – 16.30

The World Electric Vehicle Journal (WEVJ) is the first peer-reviewed international scientific journal that covers all studies related to battery, hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles comprehensively.

This webinar will give an overview of the latest research in these areas and link it to the EVS33 plans as well as introduce EVS34. 

The introduction will be given by Professor Joeri van Mierlo, director of the MOBI – Mobility, Logistics and automotive technology research centre at the VUB.

Our first keynote speaker will be the revered Professor C.C. Chan, a pioneer in the e-mobility sector, Honorary Professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Hong Kong and co-founder and President of the World Electric Vehicle Association.

He will be followed by Dr. Cristina Corchero García, Head of the Energy Systems Analytics Research Group at the  Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, a published author in the WEVJ who presented her latest paper during EVS32 in 2019.

The WEVJ Editor and President of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Dr. Genevieve Cullen will then provide a brief statement about the importance of the journal to the EV effort and a word about her organisation.

Our final speaker will then be Mr Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of AVERE, who will give an overview on the insights from the webinar.

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