European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO)

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) is an online portal, funded by the European Commission, that provides open and free information on the deployment of infrastructure for alternative fuels.

The objective of the portal is to raise awareness among consumers of how easy it is to rely on stations of alternative fuels, overcoming the perception that they are hard to find, while helping EU Member States to fully integrate alternative fuels for vehicles in the geographic planning.

Targeted alternative fuels are electricity, hydrogen, LPG, natural gas (both liquefied and compressed), biofuels, synthetic and paraffinic fuels.

The portal covers the availability of alternative fuels station in all EU Member States + EFTA members + Turkey (33 countries in total, “Europe” in EAFO definition).

It works by integrating relevant data, information, news items, newsletters and other publications and focuses on national level data and information but also covers specific regions and cities based on data availability. The data are then integrated in an interactive map that shows the location of alternative fuel stations.

Furthermore, the portal provides key information about the various type of alternative fuels as well as vehicles according to European classifications.

AVERE is an eager partner of this project that shows how electromobility, among other alternative means of envisioning transportation, is a convenient and easy choice in terms of infrastructure, as EAFO already identifies more than 125.000 EV charging stations all over the continent.