Smarter Mobility Europe 2020 LIVE

July 1, 2020 – July 3, 2020 all-day

Smarter Mobility Europe LIVE is a creative virtual 3 day summit that answers the questions, concerns, and hopes that the mobility industry in Europe has right now around what the mobility world will look like in Europe during and post COVID-19.

Utilising the latest virtual conferencing tools Smarter Mobility Europe LIVE brings together key mobility decision makers and thought leaders from business and government. Strong networking and match making techniques are applied to ensure that the most relevant stakeholders are connecting.

Order needs to be brought to the chaos that COVID-19 has imposed to the mobility industry, but order is also needed for the range of problems and solutions that exist in general for a smarter mobility Europe.

Public acceptance has shifted based on increased evidence and understanding around the possibilities to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, street waste & congestion, and loss of productivity. This new outlook on the way that we move people and products has created a renaissance in the mobility industry

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