Our Members

National Associations

AVERE Belgium

 AVERE Belgium promotes electric vehicles and support scientific and technological developments. It wishes to be the point of reference for all information concerning the electrical driving in Belgium.

Website: www.avere-belgium.org/

BAEPS – Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Association

 The Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Association unites people and organizations with the common goal of accelerating the introduction of EVs in Bulgaria in a sustainable way.

Website: http://baeps.org/en/  

Electric Circuit – The Croatian Electric Vehicle Drivers Association 


The goal of the Croatian Electric Vehicle Drivers Association (“Electric Circuit”) is both simple and achievable: cleaner air in Croatian cities and urban areas. We believe that Croatia, as a premium tourist destination in the developed world, must now deliver a green energy revolution and ultimately a carbon-free economy as a right for our citizens and for tourists to enjoy.  Investing in our country now with electric vehicles is a compelling national policy for the future.

Website: https://www.strujnikrug.hr/      

IMF – Technology Industries of Finland

  Technology Industries of Finland is the lobbying organisation for technology industry companies. They promote competitiveness and the operational preconditions for this, the largest and most important export sector in Finland.

Website: https://teknologiateollisuus.fi/en  


HELIEV – Hellenic Institute of Electric Vehicles

HELIEV, the Hellenic Institute of Electric Vehicles, represents a Hellenic network of 80+ members focused on electromobility coming from academia, industry and the governmental world.

Website: http://www.heliev.gr/    



EA – Hungarian Electromobility Association

The Hungarian Electromobility Association represents sustainable development of the Hungarian electromobility industry and to build up a European network that helps to get involved in this game changing market.

Website: https://www.elektromobilitas.hu/  





CEI-CIVES, Italian Electric Vehicle Association of Italian Electrotechnical Committee

CIVES, the Italian EV Association and  Italian AVERE Section, was established in 1979 within the Italian Electrotechnical Committee – CEI.  Since 40 years CIVES has been operating to promote the development and diffusion of electric road vehicles, through an action of grouping and co-ordinating all the actors involved in this field in Italy. CIVES is made up of members of different sectors: vehicle and component manufacturers, research organizations, public and private utilities,  Ministries and public agencies.

Website: https://cives.ceinorme.it  


The Netherlands
Formula E-Team


The national public-private platform for e-mobility in the Netherlands, the Formula E-Team, serves as an ambassador and pioneer for electric transport. The Formula E-Team discusses progress and provides substantial advice to the government and other stakeholders on various aspects of electric driving.

Website: https://nederlandelektrisch.nl/formula-e-team  


Norwegian EV Association

For more than 20 years the Norwegian EV Association has been working for the successful introduction of electric vehicles. Their main goal is to promote electric vehicles that run fully or partially on renewable energy.

Website: https://elbil.no/english/  


PSPA – Polish Alternative Fuels Association

The Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA)is the largest industry organization dealing with the creation of the e-mobility market and alternative fuels market in Poland.

Website: http://pspa.com.pl/en/  


AVER – Romania Association for Electric Vehicles

Founded over 10 years ago as a non-profit organization – Romania Association for Electric Vehicles is locally the biggest promoter in the EV field. The main activities to achieve below objectives are related to dissemination, networking, monitoring, lobbying, research and development, among other.

Website: http://aver.ro/


EVA Scotland – Electric Vehicle Association Scotland

 The Aims of the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland is to represent the interests of EV users and to promote EV use in Scotland. It also aims to be a collective voice to work with all Stakeholders to pro-actively identify and highlight the specific issues of ownership and driving of EVs in Scotland and related infrastructure.

Website: http://www.eva.scot/  


SEVA – Slovak Electric Vehicle Association

The Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) was established in 2012 in Bratislava to represent and support the development of transport and transport infrastructure for passenger and commercial electric vehicles in Slovakia.

Website: http://www.seva.sk/en    


AEDIVE – Spanish Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the Electric Vehicle Market

 Created in April 2010, AEDIVE is the Spanish Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the Electric Vehicle Market, an Innovative Enterprise Grouping that gathers all the value chain of the electric vehicle industrial and technological sector with the purpose of promoting and enhancing competitiviness of the EV sector with regard to all the EV value chain.

Website: http://aedive.es/home-english/  




AVERE Türkiye


AVERE Türkiye  promotes sustainable and healthy development of the Turkish electromobility sector. AVERE Türkiye acts as research hub, lobby group and a platform of exchange for development and dissemination of electric vehicle (EV) strategies within Turkey.  AVERE Türkiye brings together players from the Turkish electromobility related sectors, such as automotive energy industries, OEMs, service providers, energy suppliers, research institutes or associations.

Website: https://www.avere.org.tr/  




AVERE Ukraine


AVERE Ukraine is the Ukrainian community of AVERE, European Electromobility Association. The founders have already been active in the electromobiltiy for years and decided to create the Ukranian chapter of AVERE since 2019.

Website: https://avere.org.ua/  

Other Members

Wien Energie 


Wien Energie is Austria’s leading energy company and has started to realize an ambitious rollout plan for the E-Mobility and charging infrastructure in Vienna and its metropolitan area. Wien Energie aims to be the leading driver for E-Mobility in Austria by the year 2020. 

Website: https://www.wienenergie.at/      

EVA Global

EV Assist Global is a multilingual Contact Centre that enables Charge Point Operators and e-Mobility Providers to deliver best-in-class customer experience. Our specialised agents provide 24/7 technical support to EV drivers on behalf of our clients based around Europe. EV Assist Global is the first point of contact for EV drivers encountering any challenges in charging their vehicles – our mission is to place the drivers needs at the centre of e-mobility.

Website: https://www.evassist.global/

AVERE France

AVERE – France is the e-mobility national association created in 1978 under the impetus of the European Commission. It is the centre of information, exchange and national expertise that brings together all the players in the ecosystem of electric mobility, such as OEM, industries, service providers of electro mobility, public institutions, cities, energy suppliers, research institutes or associations. The main tasks of the association are to encourage the acquisition and use of electric, plug-in hybrids, hybrids and fuel cell vehicles (two wheelers, cars, LDV, bus, trucks and boats).

Website: http://www.avere-france.org/    


BSM – Bundesverband Solare Mobilität


The Bundesverband Solare Mobilität has been committed to environmentally friendly transport systems and the use of solar energy on land, in the water and in the air for 25 years. It transposes findings from the field of electromobility into political committees and offers its members a basis for exchanging their experiences.

Website: https://www.bsm-ev.de/  


Charge4Europe GmbH


Charge4Europe believes in electric vehicle charging without borders – for sustainable mobility in Europe.

Charge4Europe aggregates charge point operators into a single, comprehensive European charging network to reduce market complexity and increase customer reach.

With simple charging and invoicing processes combined with continuously available information, Charge4Europe not only provides a comprehensive all-round service, but also actively advances the e-mobility revolution for a better future.


Website: https://www.charge4europe.com/en/

Digital Charging Solutions (DCS)



Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) develops charging solutions for automobile manufacturers and fleet operators, making it one of the world’s most important drivers of the transition to electromobility.

The full-service white label solutions of DCS allow OEMs and fleet operators to realize their electromobility strategies, because with integrated digital solutions, the company makes charging at charging stations easy, safe and comfortable. In the process, with over 150,000 charging points in 30 integrated markets, as well as transnational charging, Digital Charging Solutions boasts the fastest-growing charging network.


Website: https://digitalchargingsolutions.com/

e-troFit GmbH

e-troFit represents sustainable mobility. With our professional retrofit solutions for diesel vehicles, we offer solutions for a quick entry into electric mobility. Our vision: Making an active contribution to reducing traffic emissions.

e-troFit has already won several awards: For example, we have been honored with the German Mobility Award 2018 by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Website: https://www.e-trofit.com/en/


IONITY is a joint venture of BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes Benz AG and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. Its goal is simple: building a high power charging network for electric vehicles along major highways in Europe.

Everybody at IONITY is driven by the belief that powering an EV across Europe should be so carefree that soon you’ll never even think about it again. Over the coming years, driving an EV will increasingly mean freedom for everyone. Freedom to power your dreams across borders. To travel anywhere in Europe. To hop in, and only then decide where you’re going.

Website: https://ionity.eu/en


ElectReon is a global leader in developing, implementing, and operating Wireless Electric Road Systems (ERS) – a shared platform for charging on the go that facilitates a speedy market uptake of electric trucks, buses, and cars with minimal battery sizes.

Website: https://www.electreon.com/


MOTUS-E brings together industries, the transport sector, the academia, consumer associations and opinion movements, to favour the transition towards a more sustainable model of mobility, in a context in which technologies and digital transformation play a crucial role.

Website: https://www.motus-e.org


Fastned’s goal is to develop a European network of a 1000 fast charging stations on prime locations, where all electric vehicles can charge with renewable energy from the sun and wind. By building a comprehensive network of fast charging stations Fastned contributes to the freedom of electric drivers and helps to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

Website: https://fastnedcharging.com/en/



Circontrol is a company founded in 1997 with headquarters in Viladecavalls (Barcelona). Its emobility division manufactures a wide range of EV charging solutions that covers all market needs: domestic charge, slow charge (AC) and quick charge (DC). Its parking division designs and manufacture a global solution for efficient parking (guidance system, LED lighting, energy efficiency).

Circontrol has a strong presence in the international market, where an 80% of its sales are allocated. Nowadays you can find Circontrol solutions in 60 countries with over 80.000 charging points and 400.000 parking spaces managed with CirPark systems. Service is also very important for Circontrol, this is the reason why bet on a qualified aftersales service and a constant training for Circontrol partners are in company’s DNA.


Website: https://circontrol.com/