Our Structure

AVERE’s Team

The bureau is the main governing body of AVERE. It sets its priorities and provides the strategic perspective and goals.


Espen Hauge

Espen Hauge is the President of the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) and of AVERE – the European Association for Electromobility, and also President of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

He has been engaged on the EV scene for 15 years. Under his leadership the Norwegian Association has grown exponentially, AVERE has celebrated successful international events like EVS30 in Stuttgart 2017, AEC2018 in Brussels, and WEVA has launched the World Electric Vehicle Journal – the first scientific journal for electric vehicles.

His career also includes project management, engineering, and research and development, with management experience from the oil and energy industry, and in construction, working for global companies such as ABB and GE, as well as for the City of Oslo.


Frank Rieck

Frank Rieck is Professor of Future Mobility at the Research Centre Sustainable Port Cities of the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Frank Rieck has a background in innovation, marketing and management in the Automotive Industry and is responsible for Future Mobility research and innovation in his current position. He is also educated as a Mechanical Engineer and as an Industrial Designer.

Finally, he is the chairman of Dutch-INCERT, a Dutch network of knowledge centres regarding eMobility


Maciej Mazur

Maciej Mazur is the Managing Director of PSPA

A seasoned professional in the energy sector and economic issues, he has been present on the alternative market sector since 2012, especially in relation to electric energy (electromobility). Among his many experiences, he was involved in the development of the largest infrastructural investments in Poland as well as consulting for companies from the oil&gas, automotive, financial and FMCG sectors.

Maciej Mazur is a graduate of International Relations (specialized in International Trade Practices) at the Warsaw University. He also holds an MBA diploma and is now in the process of completing a Ph.D. in economics. He is an author of numerous publications in the fields of energy and social communications and a speaker at many industry debates and conferences.

Secretary General

Philippe Vangeel

With great technology and brilliant people, Philippe Vangeel found his way as Secretary General in one of the fastest changing and growing technologies: electric vehicles. An engineer by background, Philippe has always worked as manager in the electronic sector. Preceding his role as a Secretary General of AVERE, he has worked an innovative entrepreneur in e-retails, security and the medical sector.

He is fluent in five languages: his native Flemish, English, French, Norwegian and German

Policy Officer

Jayson Dong

Jayson joined AVERE in April 2018, where his main responsibility is to advocate on behalf of relevant EU files impacting the e-mobility sector in Europe.

Prior to joining AVERE, Jayson worked as a policy officer at SmartEN conducting research on the flexibility of Europe’s electricity markets and advocating for decentralized energy solutions (including the electrification of transport) at EU level.

Jayson possesses an MSc in Politics and Government in the European Union from the London School of Economics