Press Release: Fast charging in Europe is now a reality

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2 December 2019

Electromobility has been growing exponentially in the past couple of years, with an annual steady increase in electric vehicles in the last decade. This very positive trend has been a result of the combination of an evolving market and a climate-friendly policy environment.

Likewise, industry has been investing heavily in e-mobility in the past couple of years ensuring the costs of EV’s continues drop. The policy environment has also set the scene to support the transition to electrification enabling zero emission transport. Consumers are also now more aware of the benefits of owning a zero emission car.

As the market evolves and customer demand increases, it is only evident how the number of charging points across Europe has also expanded. In fact, the most recent data stemming from the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO), an online portal funded by the European Commission monitoring the deployment of alternative fuels, has shown that the amount of fast charging points in Europe recently surpassed 20.000.

Fast charging is a key pinnacle of the infrastructure supporting electromobility, allowing electric vehicles to be charged quickly, and allowing consumers to drive seamlessly across the EU without any emissions.

Fast chargers are key to travel around corridors in European Union” commented Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of AVERE, “This continuous growth in their deployment not only proves the commitment of our society to a future of mobility that is clean, but also to one that is accessible to everybody”.

Charging infrastructure represents a core factor for the success of electric mobility” stated Matthias Breust, Deputy Chairman of BSM – Bundesverband Solare Mobilität, the German association for solar-powered mobility. “We are proud that, with about 20% of the total number of fast charging points in Europe, Germany not only contributed adequately to this development, but pegged funding to the use of renewable energy

EVA Scotland welcomes the news that there are now over 20,000 public fast chargers in Europe facilitating travel by electric vehicle across the continent in complete confidence” stated Alister Hamilton, Director and Chair of EVA Scotland

While this is a very important breakthrough, fast-chargers are only a part of the solution. EAFO data shows that there are more than 174.000 overall public charging points registered in the EU. This is a real opportunity to keep growing the network ensuring the mass roll out across Europe.

Electromobility is now a real feasible technology with a flourishing market undergoing remarkable innovations. As such, it is clear that the cooperation from both industry and policymakers has made zero emission mobility a reality.


AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility) is the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe.

Our Members consist of National Associations supporting and encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles and electromobility across Europe. We currently have active members in 17 European countries, notably some of the most successful EV countries like Norway, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Within these Associations, there are close to 1000 members, ranging from SME’s, OEM’s, and other companies with a commercial interest in electromobility


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