Press Release: Vestland County in Norway wins the world’s most prestigious award for electric mobility

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28 June 2021


The prestigious international E-Visionary Award has been awarded to Vestland County Council at the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, this year’s at edition number 34 (better known as EVS34), which was just held in Nanjing, China. At the same time, it was also announced that next year’s edition of the prestigious symposium, EVS35, will be held in Norway.

EVS, taking place annually, is the world’s largest symposium on electric mobility since 1969.

EVS35, next year’s edition – will be held in Lillestrøm / Oslo in June 2022.

County mayor Mr. Jon Askeland from Vestland County Council received the award digitally during the closing of EVS34. On the last day of the conference, Oslo’s mayor Ms. Marianne Borgen gave a speech in which she gladly took over the baton to host next year’s edition of the symposium.

It is a great pleasure for me to receive this award on behalf of the citizens of Vestland County. With us, the main focus has been to electrify as much of the transport sector as possible. Today, our county is a world leader in electrification of transport at sea and on the roads, which reduces emissions for the benefit of people and the environment where they live“, says County Mayor Mr. Jon Askeland and adds

The share of new car sales for full electric cars so far this year is as much as 64 percent. At present 22 of 28 local ferries run on hybrid technology and most run mainly on battery. Finally, I want to emphasize that all city buses in Bergen and the area around the city are now fully electrified. The future is electric and we are well on our way to zero emissions in the transport sector in western Norway“, Mr. Askeland concludes.

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association welcomes and applauds the recognition of these achievements and hopes that the award will be an inspiration for other big cities and regions around the world.

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association views the award as a great honor, and believes it is deserved that Vestland County Council now receives this award. Vestland county has shown that electrification is entirely possible, with electrified local boats, buses and taxis – and large parts of the car fleet electrified. I hope that the award provides inspiration for further investment in electric cars and electric mobility for other cities and regions in Europe and the world“, says Secretary General Ms. Christina Bu from the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

AVERE, which is the European Association of E-mobility, will organise, together with the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association and the Norwegian Trade Fair, 2022 EVS35 in June.

The announcement of the location of the event and international collaborations to set up and run the event were also met with great enthusiasm in Norway.

At EVS, the most important players in research, politics and industry and the consumer sector from all over the world gather with a common goal of reducing local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions through electrification. It is a unique and inspiring global meeting place“, says President of AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility), Mr. Espen Hauge.

His position is reinforced by Ms. Bu:

We expect to receive up to 10,000 visitors and 2,500 international delegates in Lillestrøm and Oslo in June next year. This will seriously and once again put Norway on the world map as the country where the global climate crisis is fought by electrification for the benefit of people and the environment“, says the Electric Vehicle Association’s Secretary General.

Background on the prize:

  • The E-Visionary Award is an award from the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA).
  • WEVA consists of AVERE, EVAAP (Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific) and American EDTA (Electric Drive Transportation Association).
  • Every year, the prize is awarded to a city from each organization on behalf of WEVA. It is a special encouragement to visionary cities and regions that focus on electric cars and sustainable transport, and that make electric mobility possible for their inhabitants.
  • E-Visionary Award winners inspire communities around the world.
  • This year’s price was awarded at the international electric car conference EVS34 in Nanjing, China. This is the world’s largest conference in electric mobility, and it lasts from 25-28 June.
  • Oslo had already been awarded for its achievement during EVS28 in 2015.

More information on EVS35 available at

Press release sent on behalf of:

Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association

Vestland County Council

AVERE – The European Association for Electromobility



Christina Bu, Secretary General, Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association: +47 959 23 139,

Jon Askeland, County mayor Vestland County Council: +47 474 59 720.

Lorenzo Marchese, Communication Manager, AVERE – The European Association for Electromobility: +32 491 553 153,