Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles for the City (SEEV4-City)

Smart, Clean Energy and Electric Vehicles for the City (SEEV4-City) is an innovative project funded by the EU Interreg North Sea Region Programme. Its main objective is to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, that integrate renewable-energy sources and encourage take-up in cities.

The project looks at different pilot solutions implemented in cities in Belgium, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Norway and elaborates case studies and best practices based upon them.

The project started from the premises that charging electric vehicles in the evening creates a peak demand when renewable electricity production is lower. To face such issue, two approaches have been identified for testing and optimisation:

  • Information and Communication Technologies can help to structure and maximize the synergies between electric vehicles and local renewable energy sources, thereby optimizing the electricity grid.
  • A Smarter Electricity Grid for People, Planet & Profit. The electricity grid is used as energy buffer, on a daily and a seasonal scale. Large amounts of local energy and EVs cause grid-stress. SEEV4-City aims to provide sustainable solutions.

AVERE looks forward to the results of this project to see how electromobility can be further boosted in Europe with the support of renewable energy sources and the smart and efficient use of energy infrastructures.