Working Groups

AVERE’s unique position as a forum of experts on electromobility while providing policy insights to legislators ensures that it is the best place to delve deeper on key questions related to EVs.

For this reason, and following the request of its members, AVERE has developed a number of task forces engaging in some key aspects and issues related to electromobility, ranging from EV technologies to their societal impact.

Currently the following Task Forces are working within AVERE’s framework:

  • Task Force on Connected Mobility

Our Task Force on Connected Mobility works to promote connected, automated, and shared mobility business models at EU and national levels and to demonstrate how the electrification of transport will benefit from the further development of this sector.

  • Task Force on Charging Experience

The aim of this Task Force is to support the increase in the roll-out of charging infrastructure across Europe. It also advocates on issues related to the interoperability of charging, pricing, and billing systems across Europe to make it possible to charge electric vehicles anywhere across the EU.

– Sub-Group on the Cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

This sub-group is in charge of gathering data and information from our Members to use them to finalise our official positions on key topics that are then to be communicated to the technical working groups at UNECE level.

  • Task Force on Batteries and Storage

This task force works to analyse the business case and potential of V2X capacities for EVs as well as the specific storage and 2nd life of battery capacity. It provides input on the EU Battery Alliance and support the development of battery manufacturing capacity in Europe.

Task Forces are developed at the request of Members and cover all aspects of e-mobility. Feel free to contact us with the form below if you would like to know more:



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