Technical Regulations


AVERE plays a growing role at the international level when it comes to standards for EV’s and charging infrastructure

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Standardization of rules and standards, like the type approval of vehicles, is an important field for AVERE and its members. While these activities take place at different levels, we play an ever more important role in developing, proposing and negotiating international standards at the European and international level. 

Standardization has always been an important part of the motor vehicles regulations. These regulations and the development of type approval standards define today’s and tomorrow’s national and european standards. 

As part of the international ecosystem, AVERE has been building - together with its members - an important presence and experience as an advisory NGO within the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The international reference when it comes to Global Technical Regulations and UN Regulations for vehicles. 

These standards are implemented in national regulations. Given that the EV will become an ever more relevant part of a complete ecosystem, we thus expect that also other topics will be raised more often at these international levels in the coming years. 

Today, AVERE is and will continue to be active in international standardization processes when it comes to driving emissions, safety, noise, connectivity and automated vehicles. 

AVERE supports its members at international level with standards for EVs by providing a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration.