The Electrification Alliance Launches Its Declaration

The Electrification Alliance, launched its Declaration for “Powering A Climate Neutral, Competitive and Secure Europe” on November 6 at the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels as part of the event “Powering the European Green Deal”. AVERE, and the 8 other core Alliance members  signed the declaration at the end of the event underlining their commitment to an electric future for Europe.

AVERE was represented by its President Espen Hauge, who remarked the fundamental commitment of the Association to help Europe achieve zero-emission transport, a goal that requires the mass uptake of electromobility. This being a key part of a broader picture of a European society and economy driven by clean renewable electricity.

The Alliance members were also delighted by the keynote speech of Ditte Juul-Jørgensen, Director-General at DG Energy of 

the European Commission, who emphasized that electrifying the energy sector must be done in a balanced, cost-effective manner that strengthens competitiveness, ensures a just transition and provides access to affordable energy. “Sector integration and sector coupling are essential for green transition, and electricity is at the centre of these processes” she concluded remarking that detailed analysis on what climate neutral Europe means is under way and that the first assessments shows the need to go lot further on electrification by doubling the use of electricity by 2050.

The event, which received broad media and social media coverage, also included expert panels on how to deliver on the European Green Deal, with examples of major business cases stemming from the intersection of the automotive and energy sectors which are helping to reduce Co2 emissions, and on how to engaging industrial consumers to deliver on the decarbonisation challenge.

We now look forward to keep on engaging in a successful coalition of sectors that drives forward an agenda for a transition to a sustainable zero-emission energy model for Europe!