The Platform for Electromobility

The Platform for Electromobility envisions a future where people and goods are predominantly moved across land in Europe via a sustainable, multimodal transport system using electricity.

The Platform aims to realise its vision by driving the development, implementation and support for sustainable European Union policies, programmes and initiatives that promote the movement of people and goods through electromobility.

Its objectives are to:

  1. Establish a forum in which diverse like-minded organisations collaborate to develop the market for electromobility
  2. Provide collective inputs to the EU policy-making processes and to other relevant institutions.
  3. Develop practical policy solutions addressing how to remove barriers to electromobility and foster innovations which accelerate its uptake.
  4. Actively promote electromobility to key decision makers and influencers in the EU institutions and the EU Member States.

The Platform publishes common positions to which all its members have agreed and engages with top-level policymakers to makes sure electromobility is part of the EU agenda.

You can find out more about the platform on its website.