We Need a Safer World

It is with fear and grave concern that we are following the current developments regarding the invasion of Ukraine. We at AVERE invariably reject war and any form of military aggression.

The attack on the country shocks us to the core: our thoughts go to all Ukrainians, and particularly to our friends who worked with us for years, notably our member association AVERE Ukraine.

It is an attack on values that are of fundamental importance to all members of AVERE. The victims and refugees from this conflict need support rapidly, and we invite our readers to check how they can help with local fundraising campaigns.

We believe Europe should do the utmost to bring this aggression to an end and prevent similar events in the future. A key area to focus on is energy security  – we need to be self-reliant and independent from fossil fuels, which AVERE campaigned for many years. We must not just quit imports but phase them out altogether, moving to more energy-efficient solutions.