What is the Future of the Alternative Fuels Legislation in the EU? Find Out at Our Next Webinar

In 2014, the European Union passed the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive (AFID), which legally defined what constituted an alternative fuel as well as the infrastructure necessary across Europe to support the roll out.

Since then, the Member States have implemented, or at least tried to implement, the Directive so that the EU goals for the availability for alternative fuels could be achieved. This was a very important step in pushing forward the agenda of emission-free transport on the continent: charging stations for electric vehicles were of course included in the Directive, which enabled their significant growth. It is also thanks to this  legislation that charging points are now available in most cities in Europe.

The time has now come for the EU to revise this Directive and adapt it to the current demands of markets. This is a pivotal moment to drive forward the mass uptake of electromobility and ensure we can get to zero-emissions transport. Easier access to charging points, more transparent pricing systems for the electricity provided and the use of smart charging technologies are only some of the points being reviewed  that could really persuade many new drivers to choose the clean and sustainable option of driving electric.

If you want to know more about the AFID, register here for our webinar taking place on Thursday 26th March at 10am CET.