How the EU can Lead the E-Mobility Industrial Revolution: AVERE’s Recommendations for the Next European Commission

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As we near the EU elections, the next European Commission must step on the pedal to accelerate EV uptake ambitions and relentlessly push for a greener future on our roads! The AVERE key recommendations emphasise prioritizing coherent industrial policies, ensuring legislative coherence, swift policy implementation, grid efficiency, accessible and affordable e-mobility, as well as strategic investments in battery technology. These recommendations urge decisive action to propel Europe towards a sustainable, efficient and competitive e-mobility landscape. 

The future of e-mobility depends on the next European Commission’s enforcing established trajectories and creating an enabling framework. Now is the time to implement far-reaching electrification plans and remove blockers to the deployment of e-mobility. Previous investments in Europe have not only supported e-mobility but also catalyzed employment opportunities, underlining the transition’s positive socio-economic impact.

To be globally competitive, the EU must set up short- and midterm plans to financially support the battery materials and net zero technologies and industry we need, as is the case in other regions, to ensure sustainability, competitiveness and jobs.

Maciej Mazur

AVERE President

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