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Ongoing Projects



Smart Charging Alignment for Europe

SCALE is a three-year Horizon Europe project comprising 29 cutting-edge partners from the e-mobility sector covering the entire smart charging/ V2X value chain.

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European Alternative Fuel Observatory

The European Alternative Fuel Observatory (EAFO)  is an online portal, funded by the European Commission, that provides open and free information on the deployment of infrastructure for alternative fuels.

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Flexible energy systems Leveraging the Optimal integration of EVs deployment Wave

The FLOW project is a 4-years Horizon Europe project aimed at promoting electric mobility solutions suited for the final user while providing benefits to the energy system across Europe.



Frugal Zero-Emission Vehicles for the Urban Passenger Challenge 

ZEV-UP is a 42-month Horizon Europe project that will propose a user-centric, frugal zero-emission vehicle concept, with three vehicle variants tailored for the transport of passengers and goods.

Completed Projects



Critical Raw Materials for Electric Vehicles

Taskforce 40 Critical Raw Materials for Electric Vehicles- of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programme “Hybrid and Electric Vehicle” (HEV) , that was active between between 2019 and 2022,  aimed at providing accurate, credible and up to date information on materials and topics which are considered as (potentially) critical for a quick ramp up of electric vehicles sales.



Smart, Clean Energy and Electric Vehicle for the City

Smart, Clean Energy and Electric Vehicle for the City (SEEV4-CITY) took place between 2018 and 2021. Its main objective wass to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, that integrate renewable-energy sources and encourage take-up in cities.



Rare Earth Recycling for Europe

The Rare Earth Recycling for Europe (REE4EU) project, that took place between 2015 and 2018, aimed to open-up a fully new route bringing recovery of in-process wastes from Permanent Magnet manufacturing within reach.