AVERE Press Release: EP Adopts Mixed Mandate on the Weights and Dimensions Directive not Wholly Paving the Way for the Deployment of Electric Trucks

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The European Parliament delivers a half-ambitious mandate on the Weights and Dimensions Directive.

Brussels. The European Parliament has adopted its mandate on the revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive. Overall, while the hemicycle reached an agreement on a balanced text, it is our opinion that it lacks ambition.

“While we appreciate MEPs confirming the additional 4-tonne allowance for electric trucks, we regret that, despite this, the weight limit for diesel trucks will remain at 44 tonnes until at least 2035 between key national borders, thereby providing diesel trucks with a competitive edge. This is particularly concerning as long-haul electric trucks require extra weight to balance batteries, whereas diesel trucks would utilise it to increase cargo capacity”, says Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of AVERE.

 Additionally, MEPs did not adopt a zero-emission mandate for European Modular Systems, which would have provided an incentive for transitioning to zero-emission trucks”, Vangeel reflects. At the same time, “we gladly receive the amendment which gives Member States one year to transpose the legislation into national law, so that the uptake of battery electric trucks can be incentivised even further”, Vangeel continues.

 Overall, the file has the potential to create an enabling regulatory framework for the deployment of electric trucks. “This will not hamper the development and the future of other sectors that are contributing to fighting climate change, as all modes of transport will see an increase in freight. Yet, road freight will still be the main mode of freight land transport over the next decades”, Vangeel reckons.

 AVERE now calls on the Council to reach a more ambitious General Approach on the file ahead of June’s election, so that the EU institutions can start interinstitutional negotiations as soon as possible once the new mandate kick starts later this year.