Our Team


Our policy team

Raphael is a Policy Manager at AVERE where he works on all EU policy developments regarding the deployment of electromobility.

He has three years of experience in Brussels, where he worked as public affairs consultant in charge of Transport, Energy and Climate-related issues.

Originally from France, Raphaël has studied and worked in six countries. He notably pursued his Bachelor in International Relations at the Université de Montréal in Canada.

An EU enthusiast, Raphael decided to come back to the old continent for his first Master’s which focused on European Studies at the Institute for European Studies (ULB) in Brussels. On top of that, Raphael graduated from the College of Europe in Natolin where his studies focused on European energy policy and the European Neighborhood Policy.

He speaks French, English and Italian and he is learning Spanish and Dutch.

Gabriele Ferrara

Gabriele Ferrara

Policy Officer at AVERE

gabriele@avere.org be.linkedin.com/in/gabriele-ferrara-20a2b7176

Gabriele is a Policy Officer at AVERE where he works on all EU policy developments regarding the deployment of electromobility, with a specific focus on the batteries and vehicles side.

Prior to joining AVERE, he worked in a public affairs consultancy and a trade association, mainly covering energy policy. Originally from Italy, he pursued his Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree respectively in International Relations and Government and Policy in Rome.

He speaks English, Italian and French.

Görkem Türer

Görkem Türer

Policy & Projects Assistant at AVERE

gorkem@avere.org www.linkedin.com/in/g%C3%B6rkem-t%C3%BCrer-975204198/

Görkem Türer is a Policy & Project Assistant at AVERE. He is responsible for supporting EU policy initiatives related to the deployment of electromobility in the field of infrastructure, industrial strategy, and trade. Additionally, he is involved in the management of AVERE's EU-funded projects.

Prior to joining AVERE, Görkem worked as a consultant in the European renewable energy sector in Brussels. He also gained valuable experience as an intern with the United Nations agencies, focusing on climate change and environmental issues. Görkem holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Bilkent University in Turkey. With his passion for the EU, Görkem decided to complete a master’s degree in EU Studies at College of Europe in Bruges where his study particularly focused on the EU’s climate, energy and trade policies. He also holds a master's degree in Political Science from Ghent University in Belgium.

In addition to his native Turkish, Görkem speaks fluent English and French.

Our technical and standards team

Banita Fidyova

Banita Fidyova

Program & Coordinator Manager at AVERE

banita@avere.org www.linkedin.com/in/banita-fidyova-00734516/

Banita, as the Program & Coordination Manager at AVERE, is at the heart of the electric mobility revolution, offering vital support to our member organisations.

Coming from Bulgaria, she brings a wealth of legal and policy expertise to the table, coupled with a fervent dedication to sustainable mobility, road safety, and victim support. With over a decade of progressive experience across national, European, and global NGOs, Banita has honed robust skills in program management, coordination, and communication. Her track record includes the successful planning and execution of campaigns, resource management, and maintaining fruitful collaboration with various stakeholders.

Banita's multilingual abilities, including proficiency in Bulgarian and English, along with knowledge in Japanese, French and Dutch, equip her to manage in international environments with ease.

Our communication team

Katharina Kramer

Katharina Kramer

Communication & Event Manager at AVERE

katharina@avere.org www.linkedin.com/in/katharina-kramer-26947285/

Katharina is the Communications and Event Manager at AVERE, where her task is to raise awareness and spread the word on all activities of the association.

With German and Swiss roots, Katharina studied International Relations, French and Eurasian Studies in Leeds, Strasbourg and Moscow.

Her previous work experience took her to various communications-related positions in both the public and private sector in Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Most recently, Katharina worked in the renewable energy sector, which further deepened her interest in EU sustainability developments.

She is fluent in German, English, and French and is continuing her Greek and Russian skills.

Our board, leading the general strategy of the federation

  • Maciej Mazur - PSPA (PL): President
  • Arturo Pérez de Lucia - AEDIVE (ES): Vice-President
  • Baerte de Brey Formula - E-Team (NL): Vice-President
  • Espen Hauge - Norwegian EV Association: Vice-President
  • Patrik Krizansky - SEVA (SK): Vice-President
  • An De Pauw - EV Belgium (BE): Board Member
  • Ben Lawson-  Enterprise Holding: Board Member
  • Francesco Naso-  Motus-E (IT): Board Member
  • Haluk Sayar - AVERE Turkiye Electro Mobility Association (TUR):  Board Member
  • Janos Ungar - Future Mobility Association (HU): Board Member
  • Marjolaine Blondeau - Tesla: Board Member