About AVERE Grid Webinar Series 2: Resilience of Charging Infrastructure: Ensuring Reliability in Disruptive Times

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AVERE Grid Webinar Series 2: Resilience of Charging Infrastructure: Ensuring Reliability in Disruptive Times

AVERE is happy to invite you to the second session of our Grid Webinar Series, where the topic will be resilience of charging Infrastructure. 

AVERE Grid Webinar Series 2: Resilience of Charging Infrastructure: Ensuring Reliability in Disruptive Times
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The widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is transforming the transportation landscape and, with it, the need for a reliable charging infrastructure. Ensuring the resilience of EV charging infrastructure, particularly during grid disruptions is a critical aspect of a sustainable and dependable EV ecosystem. This webinar is dedicated to exploring strategies and solutions for safeguarding EV charging infrastructure.

Join us as we discuss the following points:

The Role of Charging Infrastructure Resilience: we will set the scene by giving an introduction to the fundamental importance of resilient charging infrastructure in supporting the EV revolution, highlighting the potential disruptions and challenges that necessitate a focus on reliability.

Grid Disruptions and Their Impact: delve with us into the various factors contributing to grid disruptions, including grid failures, while discussing the consequences of these disruptions on EV charging and transportation.

Backup Power Solutions for Charging Stations: this part of the webinar will explore different backup power options, such as battery storage, microgrids, local energy solutions, and alternative energy sources, to maintain charging availability during grid outages. Here, we will provide real-world examples of charging stations equipped with backup power systems.

Grid-Independent Charging Solutions: Discuss with us innovative technologies and approaches for grid-independent charging, such as solar-powered charging stations and off-grid solutions while highlighting their benefits in terms of sustainability and reliability.

Intelligent EV Charging: This part will emphasize the role of smart charging solutions in optimizing charging times, minimising grid stress, and reducing operational costs. Also, it will showcase how the innovative technologies in the EVs enhance the overall resilience of the EV ecosystem.

Lessons from Real-World Events: What is happening in the real world? Find out about case studies. 

Q&A Session: To end the webinar on a high note, we invite our participants to engage in fruitful discussions. Our speakers will be happy to answer your questions. 

This webinar aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the resilience of charging infrastructure in the context of grid disruptions. By exploring backup power solutions, grid-independent charging, smart charging and innovative technologies in EVs, we can ensure the availability and reliability of EV charging, even in challenging times. The webinar serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and informed discussions to contribute to a more resilient and sustainable EV charging ecosystem.

More details on the agenda and speakers to follow soon. 

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