About Global EV & Mobility Technology Forum

Global EV & Mobility Technology Forum

10-11 July Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Join The Global EV & Mobility Technology Forum designed for OEMs, mobility innovators, logistics companies, technology solution providers, and startups to exhibit their latest offerings, innovations and discover the futuristic technologies transforming the global mobility sector.

Global EV & Mobility Technology Forum
This event is a sought-after gathering for technology enthusiasts, disruptive innovators, and trendsetters to delve into the future of mobility, explore cutting-edge innovations and connect with industry leaders shaping the next generation of transportation solutions.
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- Drive business growth, generate leads, and increase sales by directly engaging with attendees who are actively seeking innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

- Enhance your brand's visibility and recognition by showcasing your products, innovations, and solutions to a global audience.

- Engage with potential customers, partners, investors, and industry leaders to forge valuable relationships and explore new business opportunities.

- Explore collaboration opportunities, partnerships, and joint ventures with other exhibitors, startups, and technology solution providers in the mobility value chain.